Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deny, deny, deny

Update-two days late perhaps, but MPP finally issued an apology and retraction of the faux US military rape story.  More impressively, Grace Kelly, the blogger in question, called and left me a message yesterday.  She apologized and sounded quite genuine.  Just the fact that she called impressed me, since most of the bloggers at MPP consider me to be only half a horn short of the devil himself.  

Or in this case, just do your best to wipe the evidence clean and then refuse to comment.  MN Progressive Project removed the slanderous post from Grace Kelly claiming to have photos of US troops raping an Iraqi girl after it was proven that the photos in question were debunked over 5 years ago.

Now they have removed the post from Google's cache widget in an effort to hide the evidence from being seen by anyone.  Too bad for them that I learned from John at This Ain't Hell to always get a screen capture before they take it down.

The dumbest part about this whole thing is that MPP got sucked into an urban legend.  Rather than just admit to being wrong and moving on, MPP and Grace Kelly seem to prefer to deny it ever happened and just wait out the criticism.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Grace really wished the story was true. That's the way most moobats think.