Friday, September 04, 2009

Will he pay with an IOU?

LOS ANGELES —  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced a $100,000 reward on Friday for information leading toward the arrest and conviction of the arsonist responsible for setting the Station fire in Los Angeles County.
No disrespect to the fallen firefighters, but the state of California can't afford to pay its own state tax refunds.  Where will Gov Arnold get the money to pay this reward if someone comes forward with info?  Or is this just for show-
Still, very few of the forest fires lead to criminal or civil cases. The U.S. Forest Service recorded nearly 400 arson wildfires since 2005, records show.
Empty gesture is the phrase that comes to mind for placing 100K of taxpayer money on a safe bet of not having to pay out.  Maybe if he had offered his own money, it might mean something

I remember being so excited when Arnold announced he would run.  But he has been more disappointing (if less flashy and embarrassing) than Gov (the Mind) Ventura.

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