Monday, September 28, 2009


To: San Francisco 49er fans

From: Dave Thul, loyal Vikings fan

Subject: Pain

49ers fans, I feel your pain from yesterday's last minute second Vikings victory.  12 years of cringing every time we played the Packers and Bert Favray got the ball with less than a minute to go and a 4 or 5 point Vikings lead.  Sitting numb after the immaculate reception at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football (and the bad hangover that came the next morning). 

Even while I was cheering the Vikings touchdown on Sunday with :02 seconds left to go, I was cringing at the thought that Favray had done it again.  It took me a minute to realize that it was good that he had done it again.  I've spent a third of my life despising the man because he was so good at thwarting the Vikings at the last minute, so it will probably take me a while to stop despising him.

My brother texted me on Sunday and asked if I liked Favre yet?  I responded that I wont even think about not calling him Bert Favray until we are 5-0.  Then, maybe, just maybe, I will lighten up on the guy.  Maybe at 8-0 I will possibly say a kind word about him.  For now, 'he didn't suck to bad' is about all I can muster up.

So, 49ers fans, take heart in the fact that while yesterday's loss was a heart-breaker for you, it was worse for Vikings fans-it gave us hope that we could really do well this year.  So later in the year when it all falls apart, as per usual, it will only hurt that much more.

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maxx said...

Since "The Fieldgoal" way back when I have refused to cheer for this team. I have watched on occasion and even enjoyed it but I will not get suckered by these louts again. Not ever!