Saturday, August 08, 2009

Where's Walz-do?

Update-the picture in the paper copy of the paper is too funny not too share-

That's what the Owatonna People's Press wants to know along with voters.
When asked about Walz’s public events schedule, Press Secretary Sara Severs said his schedule for August is not finalized.

She added that Walz is planning on hosting a tele-town hall in August.
A 'tele town hall'?

Our Congressman has nearly a month at home specifically to talk to the voters. That's what the August recess was intended to do. Yet he's too busy to meet face to face with voters on one of the biggest issues he will likely ever vote on?

That sounds rather 'fishy' to me. I guess I'll have to report him to the White House now.

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maxx said...

He could hold a prayer vigil or have the meeting and not post a notice until the following day. He might also make it invite only or have the local chapter of brownshirts, er make that the SEIU show up to intimidate and beat hell out of his constituents.
Besides, how dare a mere plebe cast aspersions or assume to know the duties and responsibilities of his betters?

heh, keep the pressure on him, Dave.