Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walz will hold town hall meeting

In fairness to Congressman Walz, today's news that he will hold a town hall meeting sometime in the near future may not be news. He may have been intending to have one all along. But it sure appears as though he gave into the pressure being generated by the local GOP, voters and local papers from three of the largest cities in his district.

However, the details of the meeting remain to be seen. Given the less than genuine town hall held by President Obama today, I can only hope that there wont be any similar orchestrating efforts by Congressman Walz. That being said, I hope that the participants can be civil and engage in a debate, rather than a brawl.

The next few months look to be rough on Congressman Walz. Even if he votes against the health care bill, he has been damaged by the negative press. Coming up after health care is cap and tax, which will pit Walz against the farmers that make up so much of his district. After cap and tax, I expect the budget news will be bad enough that tax increases will be on the agenda. Unless President Obama intends to erase the federal debt by printing money and rising inflation rates, there will soon be no option but to raise taxes to address runaway spending.

And, of course, there is still the unresolved matter of Congressman Walz exaggerating his military record.

Tough times ahead, indeed.

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