Tuesday, August 18, 2009


is lacking at Winter Park.
Childress and Wilf both sounded convincing early in training camp that the Vikings pursuit of Favre was finished. "He's gone his way, and we've gone our way," Childress said. Childress added "there's not a chance, from my standpoint," that Favre will play for the Vikings. "I'm going forward with the guys we have, and we'll have a great competition," he said.

"When you have an opportunity to go get a Hall of Fame quarterback you try and do it,'" Wilf said. "We realize, like he did, that when training camp came around that it was in or out and we're very happy with what we have here"

How can any player on the team take the coach or the owner at his word after all of the flip-flops of the last few months.

As for Favre, which has been pronounced Fav-ray here in Minnesota for a decade, he better take the team all the way, or the Vikings will lose fans faster than Vice President Biden loses stimulus money.

Super Bowl or bust has never been a more accurate phrase than for the Vikes this year.

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