Sunday, July 05, 2009

Say goodbye to your 4th of July fireworks display

Given the hysterical attitude in Congress to carbon and the subsequent cap and tax bill that passed the house last week, I can't imagine that gratuitous displays of conspicuous consumption of carbon will be allowed much longer. The Minnesota pollution control agency has officially put us on notice that fireworks have consequences-

Particle pollution in the Twin Cities was elevated Sunday because of Saturday night's fireworks all over the metro area, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said Sunday.

The agency issued an "orange" notification after light winds failed to disperse the pollutants that lingered after the celebratory fanfare and fumes.

I find it interesting that despite all the grief directed to the Bush administration for the color alert system for terrorism, the MPCA features the very same thing. Click to enlarge-

And what's this, a fireworks mishap in northern Minnesota? Expect to see a bill in the Minnesota legislature next year requiring a doubling of the mandatory safety training for pyrotechnic professionals to be licensed. Clearly President Obama needs to appoint a Safety Czar to look into 'accidents' like this.

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