Wednesday, May 27, 2009

President Obama attacking Minnesota lifestyle

Like so many Minnesotans over Memorial Day weekend, my family and I headed to the lake. The weather was beautiful, the fish were biting, (although they were a little small) and the lake we were on, Clear Lake in Waseca, was packed with fishing boats, water skiers and even a few jet skis. The squeal of delight as my 5 year old daughter caught her first fish of the year still rings in my ears.
After we were done, I was struck by an image that was too big for one picture, so I took two. I left the resolution high so that you can see things in detail by clicking on the pics. Tell me, does anything jump out at you?

Did you see it?

Every vehicle with a trailer in this public access is a truck or SUV. With the announcement of accelerated fuel efficiency standards by President Obama last week, it occured to me that in his (theoretically) good intentions of reducing carbon emissions, he is also levying a tax on the Minnesota lifestyle of taking your boat out to the lake in the summer. The vehicles needed to pull a boat and trailer will be the very same vehicles most affected by increased fuel efficiency standards.

As of 2006, Minnesota was second in the nation in boat registrations at 862,937, every one of which has to be pulled in and out of the water at least yearly because of out winters.

Although (theoretically) the increased cost of the vehicle would be negated by needing less gas, the savings would be realized over the life of the vehicle, while the cost would have to be paid upfront. So the average Minnesotan will be paying more for the 'privilege' of taking the boat to the lake in order to avoid the alleged global warming that might actually make life more pleasant in Minnesota.

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