Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Owatonna Tea Party Report

It began as an off the cuff remark at the last BPOU meeting. I ran with it. I set a goal of 50 people to show up.

Two weeks ago, I had no confirmed attendees and no formal speaker.

One week ago, I had 6 RSVP's. One was my wife, and two were my children. I still didn' have a speaker.

One day ago the local paper ran an article on page one of an interview with me about the tea party.

This morning, I looked through my receipts and figured that I had spent $72.40 on signs, flyers and balloons.

This evening, over 200 people showed up in Central Park, carrying signs, cheering at the passing cars.

Pictures to follow. I'm exhausted, though with a smile on my face.

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