Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red River residents not cooperating

Those darn volunteers in the Red River valley are just making a mess of things.

Rather than sitting and waiting for FEMA to show up, they are actually going out and trying to save their own towns by sandbagging. The nerve of these people! Why can't they follow the example of all those folks in New Orleans and Mississippi and understand that we Americans are helpless. We can't do things ourselves, that is why we need the government to do it for us.

And the people in the Red River valley are hurting President Obama politically, not once but twice over. Not only are they depriving him of the chance to swoop in with legions of government paid volunteers to assuage their grief, but they are directly countering the argument that we need a huge government run civilian volunteer corp. I mean, come on, we can't have average Joe's volunteering on their own without government supervision! Not only is it way too efficient, but they are depriving some US Senator's brother's cousin of job as a community organizer in Fargo to help rehabilitate the community.

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