Thursday, March 05, 2009

Advice for the young single man

I'm taking Introduction to World Religions this semester, which is quite interesting. Seeing where all the main world religions started and what the believe is something I probably should have read up on long ago.

But I have to chuckle at some of the various scripture passages that just aren't quite in line with contemporary life.

Hinduism sets forth some 'interesting' guidelines for young men looking to marry and start a family-
"In connecting himself with a wife, let him carefully avoid the ten following types of families, even if they are great, or rich in cattle, horses, sheep, grain or other property. He must avoid a family that neglects the sacred rites, one in which no male children are born, one in which the Veda (Hindu holy book) is not studied, one that has thick hair on the body, those that are subject to hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, weakness of digestion, epilepsy, or white or black leprosy. Let him not marry a woman with reddish hair, nor one who has a redundant body part, nor one who is sickly, nor one with either no hair on the body or too much hair. Let him not marry one who is too talkative or has red eyes."

-From the Anthology of World Scriptures by Robert Van Voorst.

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