Tuesday, February 17, 2009

StarTribune forced to report the truth

Today's Strib reports on an alarming increase in mercury in two of the state's most popular gamefish-walleye and northern pike. As early as the first paragraph, the truth peeks out, but you need to read deeper to find the real story.
The amount of toxic mercury in northern pike and walleye in Minnesota has been unexpectedly rising since the mid-1990s, and a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency scientist says coal burning by other countries or climate changes may be the cause.
The MPCA says the finding is a concern because methylmercury, the form of mercury in fish, is toxic to humans and wildlife. MPCA scientists analyzed tissue obtained from fish collected from 845 Minnesota lakes over 25 years.

Spot, my favorite liberal blogger and others at the MN Progressive Project have been carping about Big Stone II because of it's high mercury output. But here comes the real interesting bit of truth-

Because the trend is statewide, the MPCA said a local source of mercury is likely not responsible.

Monson said the cause is most likely increased coal burning in other countries, particularly China and India, or factors associated with climate change — or both.

That's right folks, the MPCA can't even find a likely source of coal burning pollution in this country, let alone Minnesota. The likely cause of increased mercury in Minnesota lakes is pollution from China and India.

Hmm, China and India. What do those two countries have in common? Hmmm.

Oh yeah, that's right. They would both have been exempted from Kyoto enforcement had the US signed and ratified the treaty.

So had the US signed on to the protocols, we would have damaged our economy (more than it is now) yet we would still be seeing pollution affecting our lives.

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