Saturday, February 21, 2009

Must see TV

I watched this on the couch with the Pink 6. I've never seen a movie that made me cry yet be proud to an American. I don't think most Americans understand what happens to fallen servicemembers when they come home. This should be required viewing for every person that claims to be a patriot.

If you're not busy tonight, or even if you are, HBO has a movie you shouldn't miss. Taking Chance, the true story of Chance Phelps, killed in Iraq on Good Friday, 2004.
It's not a war movie, and it's not about the politics of the war. It's about the journey home for Chance and LtCol Michael Strobl, the officer who escorted him home. Here's the trailer-

I've watched this a couple of times, and I can almost keep my eyes dry. Almost. I figure I'll have a box of kleenex handy when I watch the movie tonight.

Taking Chance, tonight on HBO at 7pm central.


Pat in MN said...

Wish I had HBO...

Wendy said...

My husband and I watched it last night. It was very moving.

It also hightlights the need to talk about honoring those who serve, and those who paid the ultimate price.

I have posted here before - my husband was the Mpls Police Bomb Squad Commander, and was injured by a blast during a training exercise 4 years ago.

It is important to talk, both to the family and others about our heroes. It meant so much to me to see the care and respect that they showed to Chance along the way. People outside of the military community have no clue what it means to serve or to lose a loved one in the line of duty.

Even after my husband nearly died, and even though he is permanently totally disabled, he does not regret his lifetime of service, both military and police. And our family will always take care of him, because we love him and are grateful for his willingness to serve. Yet people who have never served have treated us like pariahs. The city of Minneapolis went to court recently to say that they should not be financially responsible for Dan's injury, that he doesn't need anyone to take care of him - that he is just lazy. The City Council chose to do this without ever talking to Dan - he has not been worth a phone call, a note, or a visit in four years.

Everyone needs to watch this movie, thank a soldier, and thank a soldier's family. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but it means something when people say thank you and your loved one is not forgotten.