Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

So it's finally here. At 12:00 today a black man will be sworn in as president and the country will have turned the page on the notion that a minority can't succeed in America. While I didn't vote for him, have serious doubts about his ability to be commander in chief and serious concerns over the direction he will take the country, the fact remains that at noon Obama is my new boss. (I suppose I should get in the habit of saying President Obama right now.)

I wish him luck and success, at least in some endeavors. I hope he is strong enough to keep the country safe and keep the pressure on radical Islam. But I also hope that he is less than successful in his economic policies, for my sake and my children's.

In honor of Inauguration day, 2009, I have decided to celebrate in the most patriotic way I can imagine.

Last night I removed the fencepost from my derriere, joined the Republican party, and volunteered to be active in my BPOU.