Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why we fight

From the Associated Press, via Gateway Pundit, comes a reminder of just who we are fighting in Afghanistan. Watch the video, especially on the right side where a line of children pass a security checkpoint on their way to school.

14 children between the ages of 8 and 10 were executed by the Taliban because they had the nerve to attend school.

My son is 8.

When people ask me the chances of my unit getting deployed again, I tell them it's not likely anytime soon, because we had such a long deployment last time. But as much as deployments are a hardship, I can't help but hope that the next tour will be in Afghanistan, where I can help keep diseased madmen like the Taliban from killing more children.

After struggling for a while, my son learned to read last year and now reads anything we will give him. These 14 kids were killed because they wanted to learn how to read. In the old west they 'died with their boots on', these kids died with their books in hand. Again from the AP-


Fugazi said...

A better way to prove you care for your son's future would be to actually be around to raise him instead of trotting off and fighting endless, useless wars for "freedom"

SSG Thul said...

Really. I suppose all the guys fighting in WWII should have stayed home instead. And should the WACS and Nursing Corp have stayed home barefoot and pregnant?

If you want to live in a totalitarian religious regime, by all means emigrate to the Middle East (except of course for Iraq, where democracy is the law of the land). But for me, I will go wherever I need to to keep murderous thugs away from my family, and even yours.

Fugazi said...

Well I hate to break it to you, buddy, but I'm not sleeping any better at night knowing you are out there eradicating all of the "evil" in the world.

As for your cliche WWII remark, I suggest you open a history book. Ignorance is bliss, and your (minimal) education combined with steadfast loyalty to the State is paying off in spades for this country.

SSG Thul said...

You sleep at night without fear of terrorist attack because men and women keep you safe.
Do you denigrate the police as well for trotting around fighting crime?

Fugazi said...

No, I don't sleep at night because men and women keep me safe.

I have an equal amount of disdain for local police departments. As revenue engines for the state, police departments will feed you the BS line about protecting you while picking your pocket. Don't forget the first concern of police departments is to protect themselves against you....not to protect you against danger.

Tell me, do you subscribe to all of the fairy tale explanations trotted out by the State?

Your simple, mindless conformity to all of the state's bromides is not only disturbing it's almost sad. Let me know when you wake up from your slumber, comrade.

SSG Thul said...

I have nothing but pity for you Fugazi, who runs for cover every time the black helicopters hover overhead. I am tempted to buy stock in aluminum-for all those little tin foil hats you must wear.

Fugazi said...

Save your money, grunt.

My initial criticism still stands - a better way to ensure a prosperous and safe future for your 8 year old would be for you to be around to raise him. Somehow I doubt that will sink in with you, though.

But good luck fighting those wars for freedom, I'm sure the irony isn't lost on such a steadfast "defender of liberty" such as yourself. I, for one, and not thankful you are overseas. I am forced to pay your salary and I'm less safe in the process.

Thanks for nothing.