Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Iraqi view of the election

Iraq the Model is a great blog written by two Iraqis living in Baghdad. The last post my Mohammed sums up the way I hope the Iraq war will be remembered when the historians talk-

Americans, especially those who are used to voting for Republicans, have demonstrated their patriotism and their adherence to what America stands for. People in the Middle East are amazed by the large number of white people and Republican voters who voted for the “other.” America — who is always accused of racism — has shown us that in fact our countries in the Middle East are where racism flourishes. We didn’t choose that, but it’s the rule of tyranny and repression that uses hatred and intolerance to further itself.

It’s days like November 4 that make people in the Middle East yearn for answers to questions like: When will we see a Copt become president in Egypt? When will we see a Kurd become president in Turkey? Will we ever see Iran led by someone who isn’t Shiite?
Throughout her relatively short history, America has always been the nation to spearhead progress. Indeed, America became the leader of human civilization, surpassing other nations whose histories stretch over millenia.

Although he has yet to leave office, I hope that history will be kinder to President Bush than the pundits have been while he was in office. What does this Iraqi think of him?

Finally, I would like to take off my hat for the man who’s leaving the White House: President George Bush, the liberator of Iraq. Invading Iraq was a sound decision in spite of the mistakes that were made. He and Senator McCain, whose surge strategy saved Iraq from slipping down the brink of civil war, will be remembered as heroes by millions of freedom-loving Iraqis.
I disagree with Mr. Obama on many issues, but I do trust America and I wish her people and my people all the best.
God bless Iraq and America.

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