Sunday, November 23, 2008

History is written by...

Dateline May 8th, 1945

President Thomas Dewey accepts the unconditional surrender of Germany in Oval Office ceremony.

Washington DC-
President Dewey today credited his new approach to the war in Germany with the collapse of the Nazi empire. Speaking from the Oval Office, he thanked the men and women of the Armed Forces and thanked the American public for electing him so that he could end the war. He also announced the withdrawal of all combat troops from Europe within 10 months, dismissing the threat from the Soviet Red Army. "You can't shoot an idea with a gun" he said, meaning that diplomacy rather than military force would ensure Soviet compliance with post-war agreements.

President Dewey has been long critical of the invasion of Europe, calling it an unnecessary diversion from the real war against Japan. "We were attacked by Japan, yet Roosevelt responds by invading Nazi Germany, who had nothing whatsoever to do with Pearl Harbor." He called the invasion of Europe a "long, painful, and mismanaged delay in the pursuit of Emperor Hirohito", who is thought to be hiding out in the mountains of Honshu.

President Dewey also responded to the front page story in the New York Times yesterday detailing a so called 'atom' bomb project. Senior officials at the War Department had threatened arrest for the editors of the Times for leaking of classified information in wartime. Dewey, however, defended the Times by saying that the public has a right to know the Allied war plan. He further promised that such weapons would never be used in his administration. "We need to win the hearts and minds of the Japanese, not kill them" he said.

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