Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girlie men

Official confirmation of what every man in the Army has known since birth-
the Air Force is for wimps. From the Army Times-

Feeling woozy after your latest round of immuniza­tion shots? Then you’re probably a male airman.
Ten years of surveillance showed that 2,612 service members passed out cold — and fell down — after a nurse slowly inserted a thin half-inch of steel into their biceps or buttocks.
Data from the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center shows that the rate of airmen who fell out was twice that of soldiers and sailors — Marines fall in be­tween — and that twice as many men as women were among the fainthearted.

That's right all you wing wipers out there, you are twice as likely to faint from a tiny little needle. And all of you jarheads, talking yourselves up as tough? Still more likely than a Soldier to pass out.

The only deceptive information here is that Popeye the sailor held up as well as GI Joe. After having just read Lone Survivor, by Marcus Lutrell, I think it's clear that the Navy Seals are affecting the sample rate for the rest of the Navy.

Happy Veteran's Day to all.

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