Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Name that terrorist

What terrorist is responsible for 'a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and United States Capitol.'?

Here's a hint- he planned it, executed it, took credit for it, and still wishes he could have done more.

I was talking about Osama Bin Laden.

Who were you thinking of?


Middle Aged Man! said...

AYRES AND OBAMA! Both seem to want to go to war! Both have not served in the military, as a soldier and both seem to hate "the establishment!" Who is Barack Obama? Who is William Ayres?

A little light reading:


Middle Aged Man! said...

September 11th 2001 in NY Times, Quoted:
William Ayres -

''I don't regret setting bombs,'' Bill Ayers said. ''I feel we didn't do enough.'' Mr. Ayers, who spent the 1970's as a fugitive in the Weather Underground, was sitting in the kitchen of his big turn-of-the-19th-century stone house in the Hyde Park district of Chicago. The long curly locks in his Wanted poster are shorn, though he wears earrings. He still has tattooed on his neck the rainbow-and-lightning Weathermen logo that appeared on letters taking responsibility for bombings. And he still has the ebullient, ingratiating manner, the apparently intense interest in other people, that made him a charismatic figure in the radical student movement.

I ask... WHO is the terrorist? Do not dispel the belief that Barack Obama is not associated with Ayres; his introduction as late as 1998 and his activity with Ayres. Look up 1981 Brinks Robbery, 1.2 Million Recovered!

Middle Aged Man! said...

Our young Americans are not capable in their life's experiences, in the least, able to vote with this information in their minds or in their souls! We need to speak-out to everyone we meet and explain our life. The experiences that we have difficulty healing or putting aside. Tell a college student the Ayres story and your knowledge about Ayres and OBAMA!