Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The military wants McCain

Remember how the media gloated back in August that Obama was getting more donations than McCain from the US military? Some local lefty bloggers hailed it as the military revolt long hoped for against the evil Bush/Cheney.

If the left and the media was hoping for a big military turn out for Obama, they will be clearly disappointed. The Military Times poll shows a 2 to 1 advantage for McCain. Some highlights-

Who will you vote for? McCain 68, Obama 23

Who will do a better job handling Iraq and Afghanistan? McCain 74, Obama 19

McCain's experience as a Navy officer and POW? Somewhat important 40, very important 34

Obama's lack of military experience? Somewhat important 32, very important 34

If you find yourself talking to an undecided voter and you can't convince them to vote McCain, then just tell them that the soldiers on the front lines trust John McCain to do the right thing.

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