Thursday, September 04, 2008


Update to a previous post-

from the Minnesota VFW's website, their disclaimer on the RNC-

In the utilitarian interest of all our members it is not the place of the officers of the Department of Minnesota VFW to decide whether the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is right or wrong. The Veterans of Foreign Wars continues to totally support its troops whether they are involved in war or hostile action.
It is not our place as officers of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to get involved in the political arena.

Tell me then, why have I spent the last 4 days seeing delegates at the RNC wearing their official VFW hats?

Like this-

When I got back from Iraq, I looked forward to attending meetings at my local VFW post. But what I found was a group of veterans mired in the past, unable to look to the present.

Ironically, the state leadership seems to be mired in the present, unable to remember the past.

The VFW of all organizations in the world should understand the fallacy of trying to support the troops but not the mission. They should have learned that lesson from Vietnam.


TwoPutt said...

Dave, "supporting the mission" in Viet Nam, as you suggest, would have required building how many Walls to honor our dead?

Sorry, Dave - the mission of the VFW is to advocate for the care of veterans, NOT to advocate the political policies of a party you happen to agree with.

Someday, I hope you come to realize that.

SSG Thul said...

Tommy your view of today's troops is similar to Sen Kerry's-that we were all stuck in Iraq because we were to stupid to know better. Instead of supporting us, you pity us.
I for one, don't need your pity and throw down the BS card on anyone who claims to support the troops but not the mission.
Since you claim to be a Vietnam Vet you should know how bad it worked out back then.