Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Off mike

I was surprised and somewhat embarressed to see the FoxNews had run with Jesse Jackson's off-mic comments about Sen Obama, that he 'talks down to black people'. I have no love for a guy like Jackson who makes everything about race, but off-mic is off the record, in my opinion.

Then I heard the rest of the story. "I want to cut his nuts off', said Jackson.

You think maybe someone is jealous that another black man will get more votes than Rev Jackson for president?

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maxxdog said...

The Rev, and others have made a living(as in millions of dollars) by acusing the man of keeping the brother down, of race baiting and intimidating companies. If the Obamessiah gets elected he will effectively take that arguement away. What will Farrakhan harp about? What will be his line to whip his people into a fury then? If I were Obama I would keep these guys close, real close.
MLK pushed Jackson and the MB away and look where he got.