Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Right kind of enviromentalism

In the current debate over global warming and ethanol, it's useful to remember that not all environmentalists are bad.

I've yet to see persuasive proof of global warming, yet Minnesota is considering a carbon cap and trade program that must make Al Gore smile.
I was a strong supporter of ethanol, but I see the mountain of evidence that shows how little corn based ethanol is doing for the environment and the economy.
So it's tempting to do like so many on the conservative side these days and decree that all environmental issues are moot, the product of junk science.
But I think the problem with global warming is not so much the science and debate of it, it's the heavy handed method that GW advocates try to tell everyone what we 'must' do.

Enter the Right way to fight global warming. The Capitalist Way.

The Clinton Falls Farm, just south of Medford, is a model of every environmental issue you can think of.

Pesticides are bad.
Trucking produce to far away markets spews CO2 and smog.
Huge poultry farms abuse innocent animals.
Fertilizers are bad.
Moving produce to far away markets causes produce to spoil and lose it's nutrition.

But here's the difference between Clinton Falls Farm and Al Gore-
they want to sell you what they think is good for you, whereas Al Gore wants to legislate what he thinks is good for everyone.

But here's the best part. The Farm doesn't just sell you 'green' produce. They let you invest in the crops. Each year they sell shares of their crop, before the spring planting. If it's a good year for crops, you get more than you thought. A bad year for farming, and you get less. That is capitalism at it's finest.

Al Gore travels from speech to speech in limos and corporate jets, negating everything that he claims to believe in. Clinton Falls Farms makes money only when they follow their beliefs every day.

So keep in mind that 'green' is not a dirty word.

H/T to the Owatonna People's Press

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