Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vets not welcome to talk to schoolkids

I'm on board the Heros Tour bus right now wondering what could possibly be 'too political' about combat vets talking to schoolkids. Vets for Freedom is entirely non partisan political, the only issue we talk about is winning the war in Iraq and aginst terror.
Schools have time for 'An inconventent Truth', pure politics in nature. But men and women who fight for our freedom are a little too dangerous for our schoolkids to hear from.
See also Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive.


maxxdog said...

I spose you saw "Looking for a few good men" at B5? Mr Wolf is asking for photos, quotes, etc.

Did you see where some of the kids went to the VFW anyways. There's hope for this country.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Glad you're on the bus. It's a cryin' shame y'all couldn't speak at that school. When the "supervisor" said their job is to educate, seems to me they're missing out on some real education. I guess her idea of education differs greatly from mine.