Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Sharia is bad

In case you had any pretensions that living under Islamic law, called Sharia, would be an OK concept, read this story from Saudi Arabia (our 'ally').
Yara, a businesswoman and married mother of three, said she was strip-searched, forced to sign false confessions and told by a judge she would "burn in hell" before she was released on Feb. 4.

What was her crime?
Late Monday night, The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice publicly denounced her with a statement posted on the Internet, saying her actions violated the country's Shariah law. It accused her of wearing makeup, not covering her hair and "moving around suspiciously" while sitting with her Syrian colleague

So if a country wants to set it's own rules on what is and is not allowed among consenting adults, that's up to the people of that country. But what makes this so disgusting, is the next line-
her Syrian colleague, who was also arrested, but later released.

If a society or a religion wants to condemn sexual promiscuity, that's their right. But to say that a woman is guilty of promiscuity while the man is exonerated is sexism rooted in the 7th century. While we in Western society may have many faults to our credit, we have at least moved past the ridiculous view that women are the source of sin and that men are innocent of lust. Until Islam comes to this conclusion, I can have no respect for a religion that refuses to see the inherent worth of every human, man or woman.


Spot said...

Sigh. Our friends, the Saudis, are the most bat-shit crazy when it comes to Sharia.

Rasheed butt licker said...

And they wonder why their country has the troubles it does. When you have most of the male population with their head up their own asses, the rest of them professing to follow the strict Sharia law, yet they are allowed to bugger little boys because they want sex but don't want their own women. Hummmm go figure out that convoluted logic ?