Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'd like to announce tonight that, along with Rush, Ann and Laura, I am endorsing Sen Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.
Really, follow along here.

I finally decided to support Fred Thompson. About a week later he called it quits.

I then decided to root for Rudy Guiliani, as the next best. About a week later he called it quits after losing Florida.

I then reluctantly decided to support my third choice, Mitt Romney, as the best choice left to me as a conservative. About two weeks later, he called it quits after not winning Super Tuesday.

With my current record therefore at 0 for 3, I am putting all my bad luck, ability to jinx, and overall bad karma behind Sen Hillary Clinton, in the hopes that my record will now move to 0 and 4.

In all seriousness, though I have argued against Sen McCain for some pretty blatant transgressions against conservative thought, he is still better than the options of either Hillary or Obama.

In military terms, I can argue with my platoon leader all I want about the tactics of a mission. If I can persuade him to change course, so much the better. If not, I am bound to follow orders in the faith that he knows more than I do.

In this case, many straight line conservatives (Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter and countless others including myself) have said that McCain is not nearly conservative enough.
That point is not really in doubt. But we have all failed to persuade the higher authority, which in this case is the voters. The question now is whether it is better to execute a bad plan or to retreat from the field of battle. Infantry 101 says that a bad plan today is better than a good plan tomorrow.

McCain will keep us in the war and perhaps even prosecute it more aggressivley. Obama and Clinton will work unabashedly to withdraw us from Iraq as well as the greater War on Terror.
In wartime, security is everything. Any questions on that can be referred to the northern half of Israel under the threat of Hezbollah. I am willing to accept McCain's social liberalism in exchange for homeland security. Because with either MoveOn candidate we will have social liberalism with no security.

All of the blood and sweat we shed in Iraq and Afghanistan will have been for naught if we fall back now. Think about that before you decide whether or not to cast a protest vote against McCain.


MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Your record is about like mine, except I skipped the Guiliani. Fred was my man from the get-go, voted for Mitt one day, he dropped out the next. Not happy with McCain but at least he sees the enemy. That ain't no little thing!

SSG Thul said...

Since the war in Iraq is the biggest issue for me, I will support McCain. Not my first choice, or even my second or third, but among the remaining options he is clearly number one.

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