Saturday, January 26, 2008

Operation Gratitude

Everyone has seen the junk mail or the spam in your inbox that tells you that you've won a cruise, or a hotel stay, or a new car. Just call the 800 number and the prize will be yours. Of course, there is usually a catch. You either have to buy something or sit through a sales pitch, meaning that your 'prize' is really a marketing gimmick.
So it's understandable that SPC. Michael Gallagher from Fort Lewis, WA was waiting for the catch when he opened an anonymous care package that had the keys to a brand new 2008 Jeep Liberty. Read about it here. Go here to make a donation to Operation Gratitude, the group that has sent over 300,000 care packages to US soldiers.
And lastly, go here, to hear the deafening silence on this great feel good story by the main stream media.

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