Saturday, December 15, 2007


is a town in Iraq on the Euprates river. It was one of the regular stops for my unit doing convoys. When we first went to Rawah, it was with good cause that we were nervous. Our intel brief told us that the bridge over the river that led to the town was the number one spot in the Anbar province for VBIED's, or car bombs.

Now, no less then Der Speigel is touting the turnaround in the small city. It's a good article, and well worth the read-

Severed heads dumped at the market, deadly road-side explosions. That used to be the depressing reality in the small town of Rawah in Iraq's Anbar Province. Now, though, peace may be at hand -- and the locals are cooperating with the US Marines.
The MoveOn party no longer has the backing of the American people to retreat from Iraq. But they are still pushing for us to abandon this now peaceful town, and let the terrorists move back in. What are they thinking?

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