Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last year

Last year's Christmas-Rolled in the wire at 0100, grab your gear and back to the hooch to try the internet and be asleep by 0300.
This year's Christmas-got the kids to bed by 8pm, waited till 9pm to make sure, then started putting the presents out, asleep by 11pm.

Last year-wake up at 0800, clean weapons until 0900.
This year-wake up at 8am, after listening to the kids trying to stay quiet upstairs for an hour or so. Spend 45 minutes putting together Barbie Mermaid Princess play set.

Last year-find out that chow hall is closed in preparation for Christmas dinner. Come back 3 hours later for dinner to find half of Al Asad in line. Wait 45 minutes, then head to Subway for ham and turkey (sandwich)
This year-make way too much food for breakfast. While eating breakfast, start planning lunch.

Last year-talk with family on the phone, trying to stay positive and happy. Only a couple more months, I tell my kids, and Daddy will be home. (News of our 4 month extension in about 2 weeks away).
This year-hug my kids at least once an hour for absolutely no reason at all.

Last year-check on my soldiers every few hours to see how they are handling Christmas in Iraq, listen to their gripes and fears while trying to suppress my own.
This year-spend 10 hours in 2 days listening to in-laws gripe and complain about the most inconsequential things, all the while with a small grin on my face because I know better than they what really matters.

Last year-nothing but sand as far as the eye can see.
This year-a fresh layer of snow and Santa brought new sleds for the kids.

I feel like Ray Liotta walking out of the cornfield in Field of Dreams.

Is this heaven?


yes, it is heaven.


Anonymous said...


Larry W. Phillips


MissBirdlegs in AL said...

So glad you're home & enjoying it this year - your service time away is much appreciated by people you don't even know. Merry Christmas to you and yours!