Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The StarTrib has no honor

I mean that literally, no mention of the Medal Of Honor awarded yesterday. Here's a link to the Strib search function, showing no results for 'medal of honor' for today or yesterday.

Heck, they wouldn't even have had to write the story themselves, as it was covered by the AP.

But as I read the story in the AP, it became obvious why the StarTrib would choose not to report it. It shows President Bush in a positive light.

Before the emotional White House ceremony, Murphy's parents Dan and Maureen Murphy met with Bush and gave him a gold dog tag in tribute to their son.
"What we were most touched by was that the president immediately put that on underneath his shirt, and when he made the presentation of the Medal of Honor, he wore that against his chest," said the father.
After the ceremony, Dan Murphy said, Bush told the family: "I was inspired by having Michael next to my chest."
The father, who fought back tears during the ceremony, said they were "deeply moved" by Bush's gesture.

Although most soldiers would feel a bit cheesy saying it out loud, I think having a Commander in Chief who so sincerely cares for the men under his command is part of the reason we have such high morale today.

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