Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8 and counting

From MNC-I, the headquarters of the coalition in Iraq-

The United States and Multi-National Force-Iraq welcome the transfer of security in Karbala Province to Iraqi responsibility as a positive step on the path to Iraq’s self-reliance. Karbala is the eighth province to be transferred to Iraqi security responsibility as the Government of Iraq and its security forces continue to develop and assume greater responsibility for governing and providing security for the citizens of Iraq. The first province transferred to Government of Iraqi security control was Muthanna in July 2006, followed by Dhi Qar, An Najaf, Maysan, and most recently Irbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Dahuk in May 2007. The transfer of provincial security responsibility is particularly significant because it includes the city of Karbala, a center of Shi’a Muslim worship, pilgrimage and religious instruction. Saddam Hussein once restricted religious observances at this city and non-Iraqi Shi'a were not allowed to travel there. Today, Karbala is again an international center of worship, pilgrimage and religious instruction. Iraqi Security Forces in Karbala have been successfully operating independently, maintaining their own security for the past three months. Working with local government officials, they have demonstrated their readiness to assume responsibility for the province. Today this responsibility is theirs. The transition of responsibility for security in Karbala Province represents the most recent step toward a future of improved security, self-reliance and increasing prosperity that will benefit all Iraqi citizens. The United States and Multi-National Force-Iraq congratulate the Government of Iraq on this important milestone.

What's this, you ask? Good news coming out of Iraq? I'm sure the media reported on another step in the progress that will eventually result in US troops coming home. Or not.

Not in the StarTribune, here's a search of their site.

Ok, so maybe not the local paper, but I'm sure the national media picked this up, right?

A quick Google search shows otherwise.

Actually, the only large US media outlets to report it were FoxNews (along with the false decapitation story) and the LA Times. ABC news reported it, but that's the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Apparently good news just doesn't sell papers.

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