Tuesday, June 05, 2007

7 down, 11 to go

3 more Iraqi provinces were transferred to Iraqi control over the weekend according to the MNF-I press release. Unfortunately, that's where most Americans will have to go to learn about this story, since it got little or no coverage on TV or in the papers.
A search of Google News for 'iraqi province local control' gave me 127 matches, and only 2 were from major news outlets. The first was Stars and Stripes, which is hardly surprising, since it is an official newspaper of the US military. The second was CNN, which buried the news in a larger story about recent developments in Iraq. Just 4 paragraphs out of 35 talked about one sixth of the country being transferred to local control for security. In contrast, the article used 8 paragraphs to talk about the US troop death toll in May.
In fairness to CNN, they were probably shorthanded this weekend from devoting 22 paragraphs to a real news story-Paris Hilton in jail.


Pete from the 707 Vallejo, ca said...

You are right, I wouldn't have known about the transfer without looking pretty hard. What do expect from idiots Lamestream media?

Thank you for your service. Keep on posting.

Lane D. said...

It still shocks me ... but it shouldn't. Paris Hilton gets more press than real news from Iraq.

Thanks for pointing this out. Otherwise, I might not have known.