Friday, April 20, 2007


There's a new banner on the top right of this blog. Milblogging is of course a new phenomenon, not really much older than blogging itself. And I am still new at it myself. But blogging from the war is perhaps the perfect use of technology to connect folks at home with soldiers on the ground. If you are looking for a good read, and maybe some insight into the war, try clicking on the random link and seeing where it takes you.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

welcome to the Milblog Ring... you are in great company (if I do say so myself). thanks for getting your voice out there -- AND HEARD!
ps eyes up. head & butt down. xxx -- Mom (SSM)

Beverly Grau said...

I just want to say "Ditto's" from
Another Soldier's Mom, I say it's about time someone answered HR & Company with Real Facts, but I don't expect them or any of their pals to believe them. They've had their heads stuck in the sand so long, if they pulled them out and saw the sky, they'd think they'd burrowed through to the other side of the world, and congratulate themselves on getting their without burning "Fossil Fuels".
While you guys & gals, work to "Defend to the death their rights to be idiots", as my Army son always puts it; they sit out to make sure none of that freedom is going to waste.
Evidently they only support the troops, if you're "Serving White House Teas" for another Democrat President. Meantime, the Rest of Americans are praying for you, and that these Fools, don't spend all your financing, buying votes to undermine your mission.
God Bless, and protect you all.
Another Army Mom

Kyle said...

Thanks for all you are doing for us Minnesotans over there! Hang in there and we will keep praying for you here