Sunday, April 01, 2007


If you listen to Joe Soucheray on Garage Logic, a radio show in the Twin Cities, you've heard the term above, HanaRamaKwanzMas. It's the satirical greeting he uses for politically correct people around Christmas. It's simply the combination of Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. The joke here is of course that some people have become so politically correct that they don't say Merry Christmas anymore, they say Happy Holidays. Kids in school don't celebrate Halloween, they have costume day. His point is valid, in my opinion, that instead of America being the land of every religion, some people want it to be the land of no religion.
So it is food for the soul to see this-

1LT Daniel Kingsley leads 2nd and 3rd platoons of Charlie Company in a early morning pre-mission prayer. We do this every time we leave the wire.

Now, the old saying goes that there are no atheists in the foxhole, meaning everyone believes in God when you may be a few minutes away from meeting him. But that's not really true. Some men in combat see and do things that make them believe more than they did before, and others will question their faith because of their experiences. My point is this-every soldier in this picture stands respectfully, quietly, and with a bowed head while a prayer is said. No one complains about religious discrimination, or demands equal time for a different denomination. We simply ask God to watch over us on our mission and to be with our families and the families of our fellow soldiers who have given their lives already.

We are fighting for democracy and freedom, including freedom of religion.

Those we are fighting want a strict version of one religion only, and all must convert to it or be killed.

And people back home say this isn't a just war. How much more black and white does it have to be?

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Bryan said...

I too will be praying for your and your unit.