Friday, January 19, 2007

General Clinton

I saw on AFN today that Sen. Hillary Clinton would like to put a cap on the number of troops in Iraq. I've searched the internet but I can't seem to find her credentials as a military tactician. I also can't find any reference in the Constitution to the assistant commander-in-chief, nor can I find her anywhere in my chain of command.
I saw the results of the last election just like everyone else. But if the American public voted the Democrats into power in Congress with the intention of forcing us to leave Iraq, I think they will be very disappointed. Congress has no authority to dictate how the war is waged, nor should they. They can cut off funding for war operations, and effectively force our withdrawl, but not one has the personal courage to do so.
I never voted for the late Sen Wellstone, from Minnesota, but I did at least respect the fact that he believed the legislation he worked on. That's a far cry from the leaders of the Democratic party today, who can't seem to think of anything except the next election.

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Spot said...

You are not the only person who compares a lot of current Dems unfavorably to Paul Wellstone. Molly Ivins, for one, has been a lot more sarcastic about Hillary Clinton than you, Dave.

But the Dems are getting their act together; Spot just wishes it happened a little faster.