Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting story

Update-was this the contents of the suspicious package?
Did Congressman Walz's exaggerated service record cause the evacuation of a Capitol office building today? From a story in the Strib this evening-

A package addressed to Congressman Tim Walz’s office forced the evacuation of a Capitol office building Wednesday afternoon after police determined it to be suspicious. The package contained a metal box and an unidentified medal, said FBI Washington Field Office spokeswoman Katherine Schweit.

A commenter at the Strib wonders if this was a shot at the Congressman for his misleading website and public claim of being an Afghanistan Vet-

I would wager this was a shot at Walz who has continuously said he is a Afghanistan War vet when he is not. A solid newspaper that would report the facts would look into this fraud and expose him for it. Must be too busy writing large stories on former (8yrs ago) republican consultants that no one has ever heard of, trying to get a hand job at a massage parlor. Go out of business already, your reporting ethics have been gone for years.

posted by rodshober on Jul 30, 09 at 5:05 pm

I don't think it's accurate to say that "has continuously said he is a Afghanistan War vet", rather he has publicly said it once (and probably desperately wants to forget it) and is misleading people with his website biography. But the point is interesting. I wonder if we will ever learn what medal was in the package?


Mark Gisleson said...

Dave, I'm beginning to finally understand why so many of my fellow lefties think you're a cunt.

Dave Thul said...

I've never had to censor a comment before. I'd appreciate you watching your language or you will become the first.

Mark Gisleson said...

Feel free to edit the word. My point is not to call you a name but to comment on your posting someone else's comment and then saying you don't agree with it. That's as bad as Lou Dobbs constantly saying that he's not personally saying that the President is not a citizen, but then having guests on who say exactly that.

It's a cheap trick. If you have something to say to someone, just say it.

I respect the work the Guard does. Congressman Walz has put a lot of years into serving his country at a high level, and I think you're working very hard with very little to take a cheap shot at him that doesn't need to be taken. But if you're going to take it, at least say it right out.

And no I'm not going to argue the particulars with you. I don't judge veterans on their service because I'm not one and it's not my place.

Dave Thul said...

No Mark. Contrary to the boast on your blog, I prefer to leave your words up as a mark of shame, for you, not me. How many of your liberal friends would go ballistic over the use of such an insulting and derogatory word? I'm tempted to write a post about your comment, but I don't want to give you or your filthy language more publicity than it deserves. For Pete's sake, even 14 months into a 16 month deployment to Iraq my soldiers would have been sheepish to use such a word.

As for the comment I included in the post, let me clarify one thing. I don't condone sending a package to a US Congressman with the intent to cause chaos. However, if someone sent an Afghanistan Medal to Congressman Walz to highlight the irony of him claiming to be an Afghan Vet, I am really just envious that I didn't think of the idea first.

I still am amazed by the fact that none of the local lefties have even offered a defense of Congressman Walz's claim, you are simply attacking the messenger. Tommy's 'official email' charge came up dry, now you use foul language because you misunderstood my post, what is next?

Mark Gisleson said...

I took my time replying to you because I figured others would jump into the conversation.

That didn't happen, which leads me to wonder if this is really an issue, or a peeve you've amplified.

You've never struck me as being a boots on the ground campaign strategist kind of guy Dave. I've been exactly that at various times in the past and I can tell you with great certainty that very few officeholders know what's on their various websites, official or campaign. Retired Master Sergeant Walz (excuse me if I don't have his rank right, but I do know he was the Guard's 'top kick' as I've more commonly heard him referred to) doesn't mispeak on this issue, but you seem to have found erroneous information on one of his websites.

Has that been fixed? If it has, what's your beef? I assure you that the people who write up candidates' bios are not the candidates. Walz is ultimately responsible, but in the real world that responsibility doesn't kick in until he becomes aware of the problem.

Why should I see your complaint as anything other than nitpicking? Don't you have any actual clusterf*cks you can point to?

As for the fact that your unit in Iraq is a stranger to strong language, I am admittedly shocked. I learned to swear from veterans of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and they were great teachers.